Whether your institution handles international credential evaluations in-house or looking for a partner to assist your staff with training or require professional guidance on world education systems, or a specific region or qualification, ACEI offers a number of services to help you in this process.

If you are looking at expanding your student numbers from a certain country, the Country Profiles offers you the necessary information needed to serve as your guidepost in your recruitment efforts.

We provide the answers you need to move forward with your partnership.

ACEI’s Country Profiles provides the following:

o Historic overview of the country’s educational system

o Education ladder

o Types of institutions

o List of credentials

o Titles of credentials

o Required length of study

o Access in source country

o Grading scale

o Glossary

o Resources/bibliography

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ACEI’s Program/Curriculum Review provides a number of customized solutions to help you overcome enrollment challenges, uncover opportunities, and devise an innovative and holistic approach to international enrollment.

o Reaching students in key & emerging markets?
o Attracting international students?
o Developing an articulation agreement with an international institution?
o Promoting your institution/program to help your students gain access to U.S. institutions?

Let ACEI give you the peace of mind when partnering with international institutions and an easy way to promote your programs in the U.S. or overseas.

The Program/Curriculum Review service provides the following:
o Determines institution accreditation
o Establishes the entrance criteria
o Confirms required length of study
o Reviews curriculum & syllabus
o Assesses program content
o Prepares a course-by-course listing of subjects
o Recommends credit conversion
o Reports grading scale & recommends a grade conversion scale
o Suggests subject levels (e.g. undergraduate lower division or upper division)
Recommends an approximate U.S. equivalence

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ACEI’s INFOEXPRESS® provides you targeted answers to specific topics within one business day or less.

ACEI’s INFOEXPRESS® will provide answers to questions concerning:

o Accreditation Status
o Entrance Criteria
o Program Length
o Credential Access
o Grading Scales

For more information on ACEI’s INFOEXPRESS®, please contact or call +1 (310) 275-3530.

e-learning webinars and cover a variety of topics on U.S. and international education. Our e-learning webinars are designed to help international admissions professionals, recruiters, credential evaluators, state regulatory/licensing board examiners, human resource administrators, students and international candidates understand the U.S. educational system and academic credentials from around the world as well as trends and developments in education and learning.

ACEI’s e-learning webinars include both lecture and interactive components designed to provide attendees with practical take-away tools. Our e-learning webinars are facilitated and taught by our experienced senior evaluation staff as well as guest educators from academic institutions and organizations engaged in international admissions and enrollment, curriculum development and instruction and comparative education.

Topics covered in our e-learning webinars include but not limited to the following:

  • Updates on Education Systems from Around the World
  • Overview of Country Specific Education Systems with Credential Evaluation Guidelines
  • Fraudulent Credentials and Detection Tips
  • Diploma and Accreditation Mills and Guidelines in Detecting Bogus Schools and Diplomas
  • Teaching Strategies for On-Line Courses (recommended for teachers)
  • Training the On-line Learners and Other Life Skills (great for students and individuals of all ages thinking of enrolling in on-line college courses)

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ACEI’s Virtual Intensive Training (VIT) program includes 1 to 1.5 hours of concentrated instruction from basic to advanced information covering topics from general international evaluation methods, country-specific evaluation guidelines, education framework/multi-country studies and fraud detection techniques. Our training workshops are designed for individuals at schools and institutions of higher education in the U.S. and abroad who evaluate credentials in-house or use an outside service. VIT training programs will provide you with a competitive advantage and the tools your need to make informed decisions about your international applicants for both undergraduate and graduate admissions.

“The training was immensely helpful and we look forward to moving ahead with this knowledge. Great job and thanks!” Dr.Mandy Hansen, Ph.D., Northern Arizona University

If you wish to schedule a customized virtual (online) training program, contact ACEI at or call  +1(310)275-3530