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ACEI’s strong ethics, Endorsed Member status with the Association of International Credential Evaluators, our 7 day turnaround time, expert research, ease of ordering, and dedication to international students will help process your evaluation orders faster and easier.

ACEI provides expert reports based solely on official documentation and its team of evaluators have more than 100 years of combined experience.  ACEI has been preparing reports since 1994. You can trust you will get quality reports quickly, along with the supporting documentation online with ACEI. We have customized online ordering so your student ID numbers and any other specifics needed on your evaluation reports can be easily and quickly added. We can also accommodate any special requirements you need quickly.

We offer the ease of online ordering through SecurePathway©, the fastest way to receive the report and the supporting documentation from your ACEI account online.  It is your direct access to your reports and supporting documentation 24 hours a day and it’s FREE!

We will make the transition to ACEI very easy and seamless, just list ACEI as your credential evaluation agency on your website and we do the rest. We counsel your perspective students and deliver the report and the educational documentation to you online. Or you may collect the documentation and send them to us in batches and we can invoice you. We will work in any way more convenient to you.

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ACEI’s SecurePathway© is a free service that allows you to view and print all completed evaluations and documents via our password secure online portal instantly.

The Academic Credentials Evaluation Institute’s Credit Articulation Service (CAS) connects an international college or university with its U.S. counterpart by helping determine academic credit equivalence for formal courses taken in a diploma or degree program.

The ACEI Credit Articulation Service aims to provide the same in-depth analysis by reviewing an international academic program and its courses when a U.S. college or university is exploring establishing articulation agreements with a non-U.S. institution.

For information on procedures, fees, and application, please contact ACEI.

If your institution is exploring establishing agreements with a non-U.S. institution, ACEI’s Verification Service will help verify an institution’s status, academic credentials, professional qualifications issued by schools/colleges/universities/training establishments outside the United States of America.

ACEI’s Verification Service will verify the validity of any of the following from an academic/ educational (non-U.S.) establishment:

  • Institutions Status (verify accreditation/official recognition)
  • Transcripts
  • Certificates
  • Degrees/Diplomas

For information on procedures, fees, and application, please contact ACEI

To request ACEI applications and/or brochures for distribution to your applicants, please contact us at or call +1(310)275-3530